Don't Let an Accident Wreck Your Finances

A car accident could leave you in serious financial trouble

Whether you were injured while walking or driving, if your injuries were another driver's fault, you may deserve compensation. You can count on Stephen R. Poirier Attorney at Law to represent you. Attorney Poirier will explain the nuances of personal injury law to you and help you seek compensation.

You may be entitled to money to make up for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. That's for the Maryland courts to decide. You can put yourself in the best possible position by hiring a reliable attorney.

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Get help fighting for compensation

You don't have to go through this difficult situation alone. Place a knowledgeable, experienced lawyer in your corner. Stephen R. Poirier will:

  • Ask you about the circumstances surrounding your accident
  • Explain your options to you in simple terms
  • Negotiate with insurance companies for the maximum settlement
  • Represent your best interests in court
Meet with him today to learn more about personal injury law in Maryland.