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Steve Poirier was one of the best calls I made. He took immediate attention to my situation and quickly attended to my needs. Within a day he had calmed my anxiety by putting the situation in a reasonable perspective. I was facing a slew of charges and was facing serious consequences. He filed his appearance and thru 6 court cases was in talks with the DA and Judges that reduced my charges to a minor infraction. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. I recommend calling him right away with your case as to a quicker resolution that will be in your favor. I am surely going to call Steve with all of my law related needs as I recommend you should as well.


I hired Steve to help me collect from a troublesome tenant. My tenant had no respect for my house and left holes and stains everywhere, then had the audacity to stop paying me rent! Steve helped me get my money back quickly.


Personally I have used Steve for 7 years for all of my legal needs. I will continue to recommend Steve which I have done to probably 15 people who all agree Steve goes above and beyond.